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With Dragon Medical Practice Edition and the EHR, we can generate the code that truly reflects the work we do for complex patients. Our Level 4 encounters increased from 3% to 14% over a six month period.

Chuck Stillwaggon
Practice Administraton Orthopedics Northwest, PLLC
Yakima, WA

" I use the EHR for a lot of point-and-click, but for the subjective information, as well as my conclusions and impressions, that's where Dragon Medical Practice Edition shines...I would never go back to life pre-Dragon Medical."

Andrew Fireman, MD, Cardiologist
AMS Cardiology
Abington, Pennsylvania

The organization turned to Dana Abramson of Achieve Results for help in training the 200+ providers, most of whom had previously had poor results in trying to use the software. Only a few months later, an estimated 50% of the practice groups are already having excellent results with the adoption of the Dragon speech recognition software package and Jennifer has hopes of transitioning the remaining 50% within the coming months. "Dana really tailors the training and assumes success with the system, which puts the person who is trained by her a step ahead," says Jennifer.

Jennifer Kaukeinen, RN, MS, OCN, Director of Operations ViaHealth

That quick implementation and adoption has enabled the practice to cut its transcription bills to approximately one-third of its former total, or $16,500 instead of $50,000, in a matter of a few months.

Lawrence Krieger, MD
Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons

"We have a diverse practice with differing levels of computer literacy," she explains. In addition, one provider has an accent, one mumbles and one puts a hand over his mouth while speaking, thereby reducing speech recognition accuracy. Any of these difficulties could have derailed the practice's use of speech recognition software, but today, all five are successfully using Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Kathy Van Duzer Practice Administrator Greece OB/GYN

What is even more remarkable is the speed at which those notes are being completed – mere minutes. Speech recognition software has "90% better accuracy than my one-finger typing," says Jo Anna, who reiterates that there have been no issues with accuracy or terminology. So far there have been a total of three words she has had to add, all the others were built right in.

Jo Anna Gagliardi, Practice Administrator Canandaigua Dental Health

In total, it took six months for all nine professionals to be trained. In that time, the transcription cost dropped from its $100,000 pace to $6,000. In addition to reducing the office's reliance on outside transcription, the Dragon software has also changed the operating process within the office, reports Campagna, because there is far less paper to contend with.

Al Campagna, Greater Rochester Orthopaedics

Today, Dr. Jim White does 70% to 80% of all his computer input using Dragon Naturally Speaking software, including all of his patient chart updates. A self-confessed "geek," White has been waiting years for computing power to catch up to the processing requirements of speech recognition software. Now the computing speed is there, he says, and Dragon is faster than typing.

Jim White MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine,
Physiology, and Pharmacology U of R Medical Center

Although the quality of medical transcription that allergists Dr. Andrew Green and Dr. Rita Sloan received from their transcription service was excellent, the thousands of dollars spent per year and the hour or two Dr. Andrew Green or his partner had to spend reviewing notes on the weekend were reason enough to explore alternatives like speech recognition.

Andew Green, MD, Allergy Docs of WNY

"It's a productivity tool," Dr. Szalados summarizes. "The more efficient you are, the more you can get done in a short period of time; in this case it's definitely about efficiency but it's also about adding a level of quality to the final product that is a bonus derived from this technology" For Dr. Szalados, Dragon speech recognition has made it possible to enjoy multiple careers simultaneously and also find time to enjoy free time.

James Szalados, MD Unity Health System

After just three weeks, Madison has seen improvements in her speed and accuracy. She sees approximately 25 patients a day and spends a few minutes after each appointment dictating a patient's chart. In three weeks, her speed has jumped an estimated 75%.

Colette Madison, PA Lifetime Health

In addition to saving the department thousands of dollars annually in transcription costs, Phil has found that it has dramatically reduced the time it takes to draft a note. "It allows you to do a well-documented note the way you'd like to, without spending your life writing notes."

Philip Stein, M.D., Assistant Professor, General Medicine

Almost immediately, the use of speech recognition software provided some key benefits. First, Dragon made the documents much more thorough and professional looking, says Dr. Scharf. Second, they were also more accurate because they were longer and more complete. The only downside, says Dr. Scharf, is that "it is tempting to go on and on," though thoroughness isn't a real disadvantage, she readily admits.

Molly Parietti Scharf, MD Thompson Health, Lima Family Practice

Besides finishing work hours earlier, Rachel has found “convenience is the biggest piece for me.” Notes are neater, since they are typed, not handwritten, and she can generate many letters in the time it used to take her to write up one.

Rachel Forberg, Family Nurse Practitioner
Oak Orchard Health Center

In addition, Dr. Mason finds his patient notes are more thorough because he has plenty of time to record his observations – Dragon is less time-consuming than handwriting. It's also very accurate when he's dictating notes, he says.

James Mason, MD Eastside Internal Medicine

Dr. Gingras was the last to be trained. He was very hesitant to abandon his traditional transcription method of dictating onto tape and having it transcribed. His other concern was that he was not a strong computer user. Much to his surprise and delight, following his initial one-hour training session with Achieve Results Corp. he was successfully using Dragon to dictate directly into their electronic medical records system.

Martin Gingras, MD Westfall Orthopaedics

Hearing of her frustration, Achieve Results returned to explore what was holding Dr. Herbert back and discovered she was so focused on learning the program's features that she was getting bogged down in the actual dictation. Once she turned her focus to simply using the Dragon software, her speed and skill improved immediately. "I do see improvement already," she confirms.

Bess Herbert, MD Webster Family Medicine

"Our entire profession is built on time," observes Robert Lunn, a retired judge now back in private practice. Productivity is measured by the proportion of your day invested in billable hours, with much of that work consisting of generating case-related legal documents. The more documents you can create and disseminate, the more productive you are.

Hon. Robert J. Lunn, JSC, Partner Trevett Cristo Salzer & Andolina PC

Stuart Mitchell was an early adopter of speech recognition software, having first tried it about ten years ago, when it was a "complicated and frustrating experience," he admits. Despite the challenges, Stuart persevered. Recognizing that his typing skills weren't going to improve enough to keep up with the rapidly increasing number of emails and memos, Stuart stuck with an old IBM speech recognition product, hoping that using it would get easier in time. It did.

Stuart J. Mitchell III, President and CEO PathStone

Michael Whittemore's weekly work load would be daunting for anyone. Writing 15-20 radio commercials for clients, plus producing numerous music and message-on-hold presentations, and crafting proposals for new and existing clients fills Mike's days and evenings. Yet he knew there had to be a way to get more done in less time.

Michael Whittemore, Senior Account Executive Clear Channel Communications

Today, Vince says he uses his speech recognition software constantly and has "significantly reduced the need for manual typing." He has also expanded the types of documents and correspondence he tackles with Dragon Naturally Speaking. According to Vince, he uses the software "for everything that previously required typing, including e-mail correspondence, creating and revising documents, and completing electronic forms." He added, "The software is very user-friendly, and far more versatile than I had expected."

Vincent O. Hanley, Esq Jaeckle Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP

"The hardest thing about using Dragon was getting used to speaking conversationally rather than one word at a time," reports Joe Sedita, a partner in the business litigation group at Hodgson Russ in Buffalo. "It was easy – easier than I expected," he says.

Joseph Sedita, Esq. Hodgson Russ

Mr. Shea sat down and immediately began speaking responses to his long list of emails, finishing in a matter of minutes. The IT pro who had been assisting was astonished. "It really is that simple!"

Kelly Shea, President Landmark Group

In a matter of minutes Jim was using speech recognition software like a pro. It turns out that even the smallest, almost imperceptible difference in accuracy rates can make the difference between frustration and ease-of-use, and reminded me why we always advocate starting with a headset microphone.

Jim Reed, Esq. Ziff, Weiermiller, Hayden & Mustico, LLP

With each attorney capable of generating documents by speaking rather than dictating or typing, the firm's reliance on administrative staff will decline. "Our goal is to have 3 - 3.5 attorneys per secretary," says Goldberg, instead of the current ratio of 2-2.5 attorneys per secretary. "It will allow us to be more efficient in our use of staff," he explains. "We're talking a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars," he says.

Neil A. Goldberg, Esq. Goldberg Segalla, LLP

Using Dragon, Jack estimates that he spends 25%-35% less time responding to email - a significant time savings. But that's only one aspect of the savings the firm enjoys - his practice also saves money through reduced secretarial needs. Because all four of the professionals in the bankruptcy and financial reorganization practice group use Dragon, they have a higher ratio of professionals to administrative assistants than the firm's average.

John R.("Jack")Weider Esq. Harter Secrest & Emery, LLP

Today, 70 to 80% of Carter's work is done using Dragon Naturally Speaking software. In fact, "I don't have the patience to type anymore," he admits. Talking into a microphone connected to his computer is that much faster, he has found. "It's definitely much more efficient."

Hal Carter, Vice President of Legal Affairs
Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

Interestingly, the benefits of using speech recognition software have improved his secretary's efficiency, too. Tony's reduced reliance on her now frees her up to do more work for other attorneys at the firm or to attend to administrative tasks, rather than getting bogged down with his routine correspondence and other work.

Anthony T. Lee, Esq. Underberg & Kessler LLP

In three months, Green estimates the use of speech recognition software has improved his document creation speed by 100%. "However long it took me before, it's now taking me half the time," he says.

Stephen Green, CFP®, Financial Advisor Nixon Peabody Financial Advisors LLC

Nelson states "the software is amazing" and is surprised it can keep up with the speed of dictation that he issues. He is pleased by how easily it learns acronyms and abbreviations after a simple training step. As a result of the productivity improvements realized by using Speech Recognition software their firm has gone from two secretaries to zero, one left through attrition and the other one was promoted to a paralegal.

Nelson Thomas, Esq. Dolin,Thomas & Solomom LLP