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Dragon certified experts will dramatically reduce the learning curve and help you achieve maximum productivity.

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Assistive Technologies / Advanced Speech is the OFFICIAL GoldStar source for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and training. Elite medical partner. One-On-One Individualized training We can install, configure, tweak settings, integrate, train, create templates & more...

For Sales: (888) 634-8200

For customer service: Did you Order the software from SpeakingNaturally.com?
Call (888) 634-8200 or e-mail Customer Service service@speakingnaturally.com

For customers requiring technical support that have not purchased directly from us, please call 407-241-1822. Although this is an Orlando number, your call will go overseas to a subcontracted company that handles technical support. You will need a credit card available as each call is $20 per incident. If you ordered directly from us, please call us for free technical support at 888-634-8200.