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Dragon certified experts will dramatically reduce the learning curve and help you achieve maximum productivity.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking one-on-one E-training will dramatically reduce the learning curve and help you achieve maximum productivity.

When you reserve your one-on-one etraining session, your Dragon certified expert will connect to your computer so that your trainer sees exactly what you see on your screen. We will also establish an outbound phone call so that we may have voice communication. With the combination of being able to speak with you via phone and see exactly what you see on your computer screen, you will discover some very powerful productivity enhancements using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
You will learn fundamental concepts such as improving accuracy, creating voice enabled templates and macros, maneuvering through the computer in a hands-free fashion (if needed), and other productivity enhancements. We will also optimize and tweak many of the settings in Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Much of the training will be directed by that which you need to accomplish on a daily basis to satisfy your work requirements.

With approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of etraining, you will discover techniques of using Dragon above and beyond what is in the user's guide. In fact, many find that they do not even need to read the user's guide after the training.

You will need the following to accomplish the training:

1. A high-speed Internet connection is preferred, but dial-up will work as long as you have a dedicated phone line for your dial-up connection. The other phone line will be needed for voice communication.

2. A speakerphone that has the ability for two-way communication. This so you do not have to hold the phone. .

3. External speakers on a desktop and internal speakers on a laptop.

To learn more about Etraining services call us toll-free at 888-634-8200